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New items added all the time to our RARE BOOKS, COMICS AND EPHEMERA including:

Cigarette and Trading Cards
    uniforms, film stars, fashion, weapons, sports, flags, cars, aircraft, trains, royalty, wildlife, ...

Original British Comics
    including Cowboy, Super Detective and Thriller Picture Libraries; Scoops, Eagle, Comet, Girl, Top Spot, Chums

Rare Magazines
    including John Bull, Western pulp mags, Galaxy Science Fiction, Stortebecker, Mon Journal, The Oldie

Rare Books
    including Crumb, Frazetta, Moebius, Wrightson, Don Rosa, ...

    including signed photos of Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis, ...

Early French Comics
    published by Pellerin in the late 1880s

The Art of the Illustrator (classic early portfolios)
    individual portfolios published by Percy Bradshaw in 1918 featuring work by HM Bateman, Charles Brock, William Russell Flint, Matania, Harry Rountree, William Heath Robinson, and many other distinguished artists ...

Fortunino Matania Ephemera
    including original exhibition catalogues, personal Christmas cards, book covers, and much else ...

Gerber's Photo-Journal Guide to Comic Books (Publisher's Proof pages)
    original colorful Proof pages for this seminal series published by Gerber in 1990

Original American Comics from 1903 onwards
    including EC, Marvel, Disney, Conan, Joe Palooka, Bringing Up Father, Buster Brown, ...

Dick Turpin prints by Robert Prowse

Keep an eye out as new rare books, magazines, trading cards, ephemera and other collectibles being added all the time.