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Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone
Jason and the Argonauts (Original)

Jason and the Argonauts (Original) by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: JohnstoneJEagle (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone (biography)
Medium: Gouache on Board
Size: 12" x 15" (310mm x 370mm)
Date: 1963

This is the unique original Gouache painting by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone.

In this beautifully painted full colour edge to edge board, twins Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone paint a graphic rendition of the Birds from the Island of Ares raining their deadly feathers down upon the Argonauts. This page was published in the classic book by Roger Lancelyn 'Jason and the Golden Fleece'.

The twins worked on their paintings together, passing the illustration boards between them until they were both satisfied. This makes for not only great paintings, but also stylistically unique pieces.

This is a particularly stunning example of their work, which may have been influenced by Japanese textiles their mother Doris Zinkeisen wore or used for her costume designing (see self portrait of Doris Zinkeisen). The twins lived with their mother the whole of her life and her influence was great as their father died whilst they were quite young.

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Self portrait by Doris Zinkeisten, showing exotic fabrics.
Self portrait by Doris Zinkeisten, showing exotic fabrics.
Painting as printed full page in Jason and the Argonauts
Painting as printed full page in Jason and the Argonauts

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Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone

Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone